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Featured Designer: Caroly Van Duyn

Caroly Van Duyn

The great masterpieces of public sculpture, art, and architecture have been the motivating force behind the work of Caroly Van Duyn, who has made sculpture her lifelong passion and career. In 2008, she started her own art company, Artistrystone. Her home and studio are located in Durham, North Carolina, where she creates both free-standing and bas-relief sculpture in various materials, including clay, concrete and mixed media. Van Duyn began her formal art education in high school with four years of intensive drawing and sculpture in an atelier-like setting that provided a solid artistic foundation.

After spending a year in Europe, she completed art school in New York before embarking on her art career. Van Duyn’s parents, Gerard and Ade Van Duyn, both graduates of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Holland, are two of her greatest influences. Her siblings and extended family, all involved in design, architecture and engineering, have led to national and international assignments. Van Duyn believes that art is the universal language and strives to create compelling and timeless works that contribute to a vibrant,global conversation.

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